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Teams Development Track

Monday, August 24th 2020, 9:00 am

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

WRK202 - Building Applications for Teams - Part 1 (Concepts and Low-Code Solutions)

With more than 44 million daily users, the momentum behind Microsoft Teams is unprecedented. Teams is more than a collaboration tool, however - it's a platform where you can develop and integrate applications to streamline work and bring collaboration into everyday business processes. In this half-day workshop, you'll learn how Teams and Teams applications work. Then you'll learn how to build a variety of no-code/low-code applications including how to: • Create Teams applications with Teams App Studio and manage them with Teams App Policies • Build custom tabs out of any SharePoint page • Integrate Power Apps and Power Automate into Teams • Create and use Adaptive Cards in your solutions • Build and customize a QnA bot to answer frequently asked questions • Deploy and use pre-built Teams Application Templates If you love Microsoft Teams you owe it to yourself to see what you could build to make it even better - it's easy!

Monday, August 24th 2020, 1:30 pm

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

WRK303 - Building Applications for Teams - Part 2 (Deeper dive and developer solutions)

Building Applications for Teams - Part 2 (Deeper dive and developer solutions) This half-day workshop builds on Part 1, and will show you how to take Teams applications to the next level using custom code. The workshop will incorporate a mix of JavaScript and C# to demonstrate how to: • Build custom tabs as Single Page Apps with SharePoint Framework • Build conversational bots with the Azure Bot Framework and Azure cognitive services • Build bots with adaptive cards that handle adaptive card actions • Extend the menus in Teams with Messaging Extensions and task modules • Call the Microsoft Graph from tabs and bots to act on behalf of the user If you're a developer or solutions architect thinking about Teams applications, this is the workshop for you.

Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 11:10 am

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

TMD102 - Teams Applications: The Art of the Possible

Everybody knows that Teams is a great collaboration tool, however many people don't realize that Teams is also a powerful development platform. By supplementing Teams' built-in features with your own, you can build powerful collaborative applications and bring existing cloud applications under Teams' "single pane of glass". In this demo-filled session, you'll learn the architecture behind Teams, and see what kinds of solutions are possible and how they bring business value. We'll explore low-code/no-code solutions as well as fully coded ones, and discuss reuse opportunities to bring everything from a SharePoint page to an Azure Bot into Teams. Don't miss this opportunity to learn what's possible using Teams as an application platform!

Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 1:20 pm

  • Andrew Connell

    Founder, Chief Course Artisan - Voitanos

TMD103 - Introduction to Microsoft Teams app development

Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft's history. While very useful out-of-the-box, did you know you can extend it with custom apps? In this introductory session, you'll learn what extensibility points Microsoft Teams has enabling you to create custom apps. We'll cover bots, messaging extensions, tabs, personal apps and how you can use task modules as dialogs to collect or display information. After attending this session, you'll have a firm grasp of what's possible and how you can build your next custom app for your organization or customers by extending Microsoft Teams.

Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 2:40 pm

  • Christina Wheeler

    Principal Solution Architect & Trainer, MVP

TMD104 - Introducing new Developer App Templates for Microsoft Teams

Building an app from scratch for Teams can be a time-consuming effort which is why Microsoft launched App Templates. App Templates are fully built Teams apps that are open-sourced and housed in their Office Dev GitHub link. The benefits of these app templates is that you don't have to be a developer to deploy them and for those who are developers you can customize the code to fit your needs. In this session, we'll walk through the key concepts of what custom apps can be deployed for Teams as well as demonstrate 4 of the Microsoft pre-built apps: • Attendance app (Power App) • Book-a-room bot • Custom Stickers App Template • HR Support App Template

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 10:30 am

  • Andrew Connell

    Founder, Chief Course Artisan - Voitanos

TMD202 - Collect Input in Microsoft Teams with Task Modules

Task modules are modals that you can populate with either an Adaptive Card or an embedded web/content page for use in your custom Microsoft Teams app’s user experience for workflows that require data input. Task modules allow you to gather information in a Teams-aware popup. In this session, you'll learn how to create and add task modules to your Microsoft Teams app.

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 1:20 pm

  • Alex Terentiev

    Office Development MVP. Custom Solutions Architect, Lead Developer at Sharepointalist Inc.

TMD203 - Develop Once, Use Twice - SharePoint Framework in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration becomes deeper. Now, using single Office 365 Platform for deploying applications, a developer can create an application that runs both in SharePoint and Teams. Current session: 1. Covers the process of creation SharePoint Framework application 2. Demonstrates conditional code based on execution environment (inside SharePoint or inside Teams) 3. Showcases deployment and configuration of created application in SharePoint and as a Teams Tab

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 2:40 pm

  • Mark Rackley

    CSO at PAIT Group and SharePoint Hillbilly

TMD204 - Using Microsoft Graph in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for JavaScript Developers

It is shockingly simple to take advantage of the power the Microsoft Graph to create applications for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. In this session, we’ll guide you through the simple to follow steps for getting started. In this session we’ll create a real world application for finding meeting times for members of your Group and Team while learning: • How to use the Graph in the SharePoint Framework • How to grant permissions to the Graph for your application • How to deploy your SPFx application to Microsoft Teams • How to perform both GET and POST operations using the msGraphClientFactory You wonder why you didn’t get started with the Microsoft Graph sooner!

Friday, August 28th 2020, 10:40 am

  • Andrew Connell

    Founder, Chief Course Artisan - Voitanos

TMD302 - Create embedded web experiences with tabs for Microsoft Teams

Tabs are Microsoft Teams-aware webpages embedded in Microsoft Teams. They can be added as part of a channel or a group chat inside a team or as a personal app for an individual user. As part of your app, you can add custom tabs to embed your own web content in Teams. Two types of tabs are available in Teams, channel/group and personal. In this session, you'll learn how to create tabs and add them to your Microsoft Teams app.

Friday, August 28th 2020, 1:00 pm

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

TMD303 - Developing Bots for Teams - Updated for Bot Framework 4.6+

Bots were always a great part of the Microsoft Teams experience, but they've only gotten better since the Azure Bot SDK began to support Teams natively. Along with recent advances in adaptive cards, it's easier than ever to build rich conversational experiences in Teams. In this session you’ll learn how to write Bots using the Azure Bot SDK. You'll learn how to build bots that have a conversational style best suited for 1-on-1 or mobile applications, and how to build bots that are based on adaptive cards, which are best for group chats and Teams channels. Finally, you'll see how to package your bot as a Teams applications and deploy it in your enterprise.