TMS103 - Use Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 2019 to Keep Your Group in Sync

Daniel Glenn  MVP

It is more important than ever before to find tools you and your colleagues can use to get work done. With SharePoint, Office 2019, and Microsoft Teams, we now have available to us tools that are naturally familiar and work together to make your life less complex.

In this session, I will give real-world scenarios for using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Office suite to get more done. Learn how to connect your apps, documents, and dashboards to Microsoft Teams and how you can work together with your colleagues to be successful.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS302 - Make collaboration great again: become a Microsoft Teams rockstar!

Gokan Ozcifci  MVP, RD

Microsoft technology is moving at a rapid pace, join my session for building step-by-step, common Microsoft Teams collaboration advantages and perform live Teams usage scenarios. By using channels, tabs, bots, the command bar, extensibility options with PowerApps and Team's modern collaboration features, watch how your collaboration goes from meh to magnificent.

With this session learn how to utilize Team's features to quickly, comprehensively and effectively to create the HUB for collaboration

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS105 - Microsoft Teams for Email Addicts

John Peluso  RD

Microsoft Teams offers a fundamentally new way to collaborate that can make users more efficient and effective, but don’t expect them to figure it out for themselves. Old habits die hard and email addicts need both the “why” and how” to adjust to this new world of work.

For users, this session will deep dive into Teams collaboration with lots of real-world demos.

For Admins, it’s a chance to learn how to communicate to your users how Teams will reduce the noise and increase the productivity of their inner-loop collaboration.

Level: All   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS303 - Right-sizing your approach to management and governance of Office 365 Groups

John Peluso  RD

Microsoft Teams offers fundamentally new ways for organizations to collaborate, promising high-velocity, high-visibility and minimal “red-tape” collaboration scenarios. This drives productivity on the business side but can raise some interesting questions for those tasked with management, governance and compliance of the platform. Microsoft is investing to assist with these concerns, but is it enough? The choice of “govern or do not govern” need not be a black and white one.

In this session we’ll review:
• The value and risks of both “wide open” and “highly controlled” Office 365 Group deployment options
• Management and governance capabilities Microsoft has delivered and what's on the way
• Challenges, best practices and lessons learned organizations from across the globe and their Office 365 Group deployments

Level: Advanced   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS301- Real World Use Cases for Microsoft Teams

Liz Sundet  rMVP, MCT, PMP, MBA

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to Microsoft Teams starts something like: “Hey, I have Microsoft teams, but I’m not sure what the use case is for it in our organization. Any suggestions?” Microsoft teams is a hot application, but a little strategy and proper planning for how to best find value to your organization is just as important as knowing what it does.

This session will explore a couple of use cases, starting with a project that a team of people are working on and contrasting that with how to manage vendors all using Microsoft Teams. Learn the different ways to set up channels and organize content of each scenario and some of the different tools and features that are key benefits to each of these use cases. Then when the question comes up in the organization, you can have proper responses and seen the examples in action.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS203 - How to Be a Super Teams Owner

Melissa Hubbard  MVP, PMP

Team owners play an important role in your Microsoft Teams implementation. They have a direct impact on the maintenance, governance, and user adoption of Teams. Team owners are valuable assets that should be trained and engaged in assisting team members and ensuring their team is running smoothly. Team owners have access to many settings that can drastically change the experience for team members and are responsible for monitoring content within the team. This session will not only help team owners, but IT professionals that are responsible for training team owners.

You will learn:
• Practical ways to be an effective and proactive team owner
• How to manage the team settings
• How to engage team members

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS101 - An Introduction to Using Microsoft Teams

Teresa Baxmeyer  MBA

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based software that brings people, conversations, files, and tools into one place so everyone has instant access to everything they need. In this session, you will learn all about Teams and how to use it.

You will also see a live demo of a video conference and we'll have some fun participating in a live Teams chat in the session using your laptop, phone, or other device.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS202 - Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks: What Do I Need to Know

Teresa Baxmeyer  MBA

The BIG buzz around Office 365 is Microsoft Teams and while some organizations are using it as an upgrade to Skype for Business, there is SO much more.

This session will show you how to get the most out of your investment and real tips to take back to the office. Also, session will go further into the weeds of Microsoft Teams capabilities for those who attended the TMS101 session.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

TMS304 - How Large and Midsize Organizations Can Maximize Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Eric Overfield  MVP, RD

Communication in large organizations within and across teams, locations, regions, and more can be difficult. Microsoft Teams provides a collaboration canvas to break down communication barriers.

In this session, learn best practices for Microsoft Teams utilization and adoption strategies for larger organizations. Learn how best to use teams, channels, tabs, collaboration, and provisioning to offer the right manageable collaboration spaces.

Level: Advanced   -    Platform: Cloud