AZR303 - Excel automation scenarios with SharePoint client side development

Julie Turner  MVP

As much as we developers would like to create a solution for everything business users love their Excel spreadsheets. To be fair the Excel engine is a very powerful thing and in the right hands can become a very powerful tool. So, let's embrace the technology, and give users what they want. In this session we'll discuss the Excel extension endpoints in the Microsoft Graph API including Workbooks and sheets, cells, tables, and graphs as well as persistence considerations. Then we'll walk through several examples of what you can do when you combine the rich data store of SharePoint and the Graph with the power of Excel manipulation via your client side code.

Learning Objectives:
1. How to utilize the authentication library to get a valid token to interact with the graph
2. Review all the possible ways to utilize the MS Graph Excel extensions
3. Provide examples of working with excel and data from SharePoint or some other data source via REST

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud