WRK401 - Becoming a master Power User in SharePoint and Office 365

Benjamin Niaulin 

Join Benjamin Niaulin for a day to help master your role as a Power User for SharePoint and Office 365.

You may have discovered what features make up SharePoint and Office 365, what they do, and what value they provide. But do you know how to best use them and the optimal way to implement them?

This full day tutorial not only covers what features you have, but helps you learn how to use SharePoint and Office 365 as well as everything around them to best benefit your organization and empower you as a Power User. A great follow up to those having a knowledge of what's in Office 365 and now looking to level up as a Power User.

Topics include:
• Inside Out of a Team Site (Lists, Libraries, Content Types, • Site Columns, Web Parts etc…)
• Deep Dive into Search
• Intro to PowerApps and MSFlow for forms and workflows
• Understanding how to protect your work with security
• Guide to Office 365 Groups deployment, administration and adoption
• Managing intranets with Hub Sites and Group-Connected Sites
• Basics of SharePoint Designer Workflows
• Basics of Dashboards with PowerBI connected to SharePoint

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK402 - Developers! Learn how to use the SharePoint Framework to Customize and Extend SharePoint

Andrew Connell 

The best way you can customize and extend your SharePoint site is using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), the latest evolution of SharePoint development. This model is the way you customize and extend the SharePoint modern experience in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2016 & SharePoint Server 2019. Some SPFx components can also be used in classic sites as well!

If you are an experienced solution-based SharePoint developer or new to the SharePoint platform, this workshop is for you. You will learn how to get started installing everything you need on your workstation for developing with the SharePoint Framework before we dive in.

By the end of the day, you will know how to build web parts, application customizers, field customizers, command sets, how to deploy your components in a performant way, integrate data from SharePoint and third-party sources, style your components and more!

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK403 - POWER BI: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW (but were afraid to ask)

John White, Jason Himmelstein 

Power BI is the gold standard for cloud based report delivery. It’s very approachable – you can get up and running with it in minutes, but it’s also very robust, secure and extensible. As you might expect, it has many pieces and nuances, and it’s important to understand what is possible, even if you may not take immediate advantage of some features, in order to understand what to use when.

This tutorial will help to guide you in building a complete analytical solution, using all the features of Power BI. We will start from nothing, and create queries that import and integrate data from many different sources. You will also learn how to refresh data using the on-premises data gateway and the personal gateway to connect to existing on-premises data from a variety of sources In addition, you will see an overview the many other additional features available in Power BI. In particular, we cover the Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, Connecting to data, modelling data, hybrid options, Licensing, on-Premises options, and we pay particular attention to using Power BI with SharePoint, both as a data source and a container.

At the end of this workshop you will be ready to not only start using Power BI for your projects, but you will also understand which approach is best for different situations. Bring your questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them. This is a highly dynamic tutorial, and can go in any direction that you like.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Both

WRK404 - Introduction to Information Architecture: How to Structure and Organize an Awesome Intranet

Susan Hanley 

If your users can’t find what they need on your intranet, your information architecture (IA) probably needs some work! In this workshop, you will learn tips and best practices to improve “findability” and information organization and the basic concepts of information architecture.

We will cover four critical aspects of a great IA: navigation/site architecture (including the new mega menu capability), best practices for organizing information on pages (page layout and content architecture), how to use content types and metadata to improve both browsing and searching, and how to think about search experiences as part of your IA. We’ll also cover how to leverage hub sites in Office 365 to create “families” of related content.

You’ll take away lessons about the best place to focus your IA energy – so that you can build an intranet that is an essential part of your digital workplace today and as your business evolves over time.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Both

WRK501 - Plan your SharePoint home sites & hubs with mind-mapping

Sarah Haase 

It's a flat new world in SharePoint. We're supposed to move on from our classic, hierarchical site collections and start building an array of modern sites. But how do we organize our content and intranets in this new world? This half-day workshop takes a deep-dive look at SharePoint home sites and hubs. We'll define what home sites and hubs are, lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding their use, and provide a creative new way of conceptualizing the logical ties between your myriad of flat SharePoint sites.

If you have no idea how your organization will start using home sites and hubs, need help understanding how to relate your SharePoint sites together, or want to learn how you can start making sense of your SharePoint sites and content, this is a must-attend workshop. You'll leave with a clear understanding of the new information architecture capabilities being released and learn how to leverage mind-mapping to organize your SharePoint world.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK502 - Hands-On Flow Workshop - Fundamental

Bobby Chang, Scott Shearer 

Microsoft Flow is the successor to SharePoint Designer workflow and the future of process automation for SharePoint. While Flow is much more than a SharePoint-only tool, this session will focus on providing you with the skills to get started right away with SharePoint automation using Microsoft Flow. In this demo-rich workshop, you’ll learn by doing with hands-on labs.

What we'll cover during the session:
• Overview and how your organization can get started
• Flow concepts (e.g. triggers, actions, conditions) and how they’re applicable
• Flow design using templates and blank canvas
• Flow creation for common SharePoint business requirements, e.g. document approval

Demo environment is provided


Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK503 - Implementing or transitioning to modern SharePoint site provisioning in Office 365

Vlad Catrinescu, Drew Madelung 

Do you currently have a site provisioning process? Are you using the latest solutions that Office 365 and SharePoint Online provide you?

The way that we can automate the provisioning of SharePoint sites is evolving and we need to make sure we keep our process and technical solution up to date. In this workshop, we will learn what new solutions are available to you such as Site Designs, Site Scripts, PnP Site Provisioning, PowerApps and Flow to support your new site provisioning process. We will go step by step through the different options and best practices to transition your existing site provisioning process to use these new tools.

By the end of this workshop you will have the information you need to create your own automated modern SharePoint site provisioning system with custom templates, custom branding and even approvals before creation!

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK504 - Introduction to Building PowerApps for SharePoint Users

Wes Preston 

PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps, forms, and flexible connections to data. It is Microsoft’s successor to InfoPath and brings modern forms capabilities to dozens of data services with O365 and SharePoint at the top of the list. PowerApps also address business’ demand for mobile apps by creating solutions that work on a variety of devices.

Come and learn what SharePoint users need to know about PowerApps. See how PowerApps can replace customizations previously done in SharePoint Designer by power-users or with JS Link or other client-side customizations by Developers. Walk through a variety of scenarios where PowerApps extends or integrates with SharePoint.

While PowerApps can interact with the newest on-prem environments, we’ll be focusing on SharePoint Online and O365:
• Replace default SharePoint forms with embedded PowerApps forms
• Connect PowerApps to SharePoint list data
• Create PowerApps from SharePoint data
• Configure PowerApps by extending the user experience beyond what SharePoint out-of-the-box has to offer
• Explore PowerApps capabilities and options
• Discuss business solutions and approaches using PowerApps and SharePoint

Note: PowerApps integrates directly with SharePoint Online and can also be used with on-premises SharePoint 2013 and 2016 with gateways installed.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK505 - Developing Custom Connectors and HTML Forms for the Microsoft Power Platform Workshop

Peter Carson 

Learn about custom connectors and how you can take advantage of the connector platform to extend your data sources for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. In this session, we will share Microsoft's roadmap and vision for the connector platform, and show real examples.

We will start with background on custom connectors, what they are, why you would build them, and how users interact with them.

We'll then go through an interesting scenario, where we use a custom HTML form to submit to a SharePoint list through a Flow HTTP Post connector. This scenario opens up tremendous opportunities to create both anonymous and authenticated rich HTML forms that communicate with any of the many systems Flow integrates with, without requiring any back-end code development. We will deploy a sample project that you can use to implement your own forms with.

Next we will hands-on create your own custom connector, using the Yelp Fusion API as an example. Full details of the walk-through are available at https://www.extranetusermanager.com/resources/articles/developing-custom-connectors-for-the-microsoft-power-platform.

From there we will review how we built our custom connectors for our Extranet User Manager product, so that you can either repeat that process for your own systems, or leverage our connectors with our product. We will cover not only custom actions, but also triggers using web hooks. Examples will include using Flow to automate the assigning of SharePoint Online permissions on creation of EUM groups, and customization of the new user registration approval process.

The last section in the workshop will be for you to create your own webhook trigger, based on a sample Visual Studio project that we will be providing.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK506 - Tighten Identity Security in Microsoft 365

Max Fritz 

With over 80% of cybersecurity attacks due to compromised identities, it's time for us to take a serious look our identity security strategies in Office 365. Using tools like those in Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) Suite, we can work on strengthening identity security of online and on premises accounts.

This workshop will focus on everything from simple steps you can take like enabling MFA for accounts all the way to tracking advanced threats with Azure Identity Protection.

Expect deep dives into configuring the following technologies:
• Risk-based Conditional Access
• Advanced MFA
• Azure ATP and Identity Protection
• Cloud App Security

This will be a demo heavy workshop with real world applications, so bring your questions and scenarios with you!

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK601 - Boost Company Training & Knowledge Share with Stream

Stacy Deere-Strole 

It is hard and very expensive to send users to training. Between getting behind on their day to day tasks, they have to deal with the email and phone call interruptions when issues arise they don’t get to truly focus and retain the content. Online training is an easier solution as the users can block small pieces of time for the sessions but they can still be rather costly and the content is generic to train the masses and not focused on any one type of organizations usage. However, what if you could build your own training site, videos and your users are already familiar with the look and feel of the application or system the video pertains too? You can utilize Stream to provide these options to your organization and much much more.

This workshop will be jam packed with the ins and outs of Microsoft Stream, how to utilize in the new era and classic SharePoint sites. We will begin by setting up Stream channels, uploading videos, recording videos, ensuring they are accessible to the right individuals, setup a training site and watch the magic all unfold. However, we won’t stop there as there are plenty of other use cases for Microsoft Stream to be discussed and demoed like end user knowledge sharing along with the most impressive Live Events!! Come join the fun and let’s figure out great ways to make training and knowledge sharing easy and impactful.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Both

WRK602 - Hands-On Flow Workshop - Intermediate

Bobby Chang, Scott Shearer 

In this Microsoft Flow workshop, you’ll learn by doing with hands-on labs. This session will provide you with the skills to get more proficient right away with SharePoint automation using Microsoft Flow. The workshop is geared towards participants who either have fundamental knowledge of Flow or have attended the SharePoint Fest morning/introductory workshop.

What we'll cover during the session:
• Flow expressions
• Advanced approval scenarios, e.g. escalation, parallel approval
• OData filters for larger data sets in SharePoint
• Workflow state machine using Flow
• Must-know nuggets from real-world solutions

Demo environment is provided


Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK603 - Building the Ultimate Modern SharePoint Intranet in 3 hours!

Vlad Catrinescu, Sébastien Levert 

Gone are the days where an Intranet project takes years. With the rapid release cycle of SharePoint , you can start your SharePoint Intranet based on modern team, and communication sites in just three hours. 

Join Microsoft MVPs Vlad Catrinescu and Sebastien Levert for this half day workshop, to learn how to integrate the different pieces of Office 365 as the building blocks of your Intranet. This art-of-the-possible workshop will cover multiple Office 365 tools such as Flow, PowerApps, Communication Sites, Team Sites, Site Designs, Branding and show you what you can do Out of the box, what are the limitations, and how to workaround those limitations

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK604 - Get Started with PowerApps and Flow - Build your first HR Forms

Knut Relbe-Moe 

During this workshop I will show how to build some of the most used HR Forms with PowerApps to bring the applications to your mobile and Flow to ,for instance, automatically send the applications to your manager for approval.

We will look into:
HR Forms:
• Holiday application
• Expense claim

In this workshop bring your laptop, if you can, create a Office 365 Trial account before, to get you started, and we will create this applications together. I will also share the guides after the conference, in case you are unable to bring your laptop, so no reason not to join this session.

So if you plan to start to use Flow or PowerApps this session will guide you on the way, and you will be ready to create some great looking solution for your company afterwards!

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK605 - Microsoft Search In Depth

Ryan Schouten 

Microsoft Search is the new way for searching inside Office 365 but what does this mean to you and your organization? Come attend this workshop to discover all the new functionality that you get and how to manage this new tool.

We will discuss the following items:
• Microsoft Search options
• People Search
• Search Results in Bing
• Search Results in Office Applications
• Customized bookmarks
... and more

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK606 - Strategy & Success: Practical Tools & Techniques For The Strategist, Architect & Analyst

Richard Harbridge 

People are complex. Office 365 is complex. Add the two together and you get some of the most challenging, difficult, and stressful situations, especially if you are responsible for facilitating shared understanding between them.

Join Richard Harbridge to learn about actionable techniques to improve, simplify and amplify your leadership, business analysis and information architecture efforts with Office 365. Walk away with improved confidence when dealing with business and non-technical related challenges of Office 365, and be familiarized with effective tools and techniques that make Office 365 implementations more successful.

Level: All   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK607 - Building an enterprise sharing strategy for collaboration success

Daniel Glenn, Drew Madelung 

Collaboration lives at the core of a modern workplace and collaboration is built around effective sharing. Getting content securely to the right people at the right time keeps work moving. But how do you easily and securely share in SharePoint 2019 and Office 365 across workloads like Teams, OneDrive and of course SharePoint Online? What are your options to ensure you retain control of your content? Do you really know where your content is?

Come learn how to create an enterprise sharing strategy, govern sharing with external users, and enable your organization to achieve more through collaboration.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online