PWR302 - The Peter Pan complex: Determining when a SharePoint site should grow into a hub site

Sarah Haase 

We've been waiting for it....and now SharePoint hub sites are here! Hubs enable us to create a shared experience for a group of related SharePoint sites, including: common navigation, unified branding, aggregated news displays, and multi-site search. But how do you determine which sites should be hubs? And how do you manage the fulfillment of hub site requests?

As SharePoint site owners are educated about the capabilities of hub sites, demand for new hubs will increase. This session outlines key business criteria you'll want to consider as you start leveraging hub sites.

You'll learn:
• What hub sites are and how hubs can be leveraged
• How to determine when a hub site is needed (e.g. should every department have a hub site? What are the criteria for leveraging a hub site?)
• How to build an organizational strategy for usage and governance of hub sites
• Practical ideas for managing the provisioning of hub sites

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online