BV204 - The "disruption-vs.-value" debate: Defining the pace of your Office 365 implementation

Sarah Haase 

Office 365 provides a powerful productivity toolset that can transform your digital workplace. As Office 365 practitioners, we need to consider the speed with which we roll out collaboration capabilities to our organizations. But achieving business value and driving ROI (Return On Investment) with Office 365 requires user buy-in. The delicate balance of success hinges on generating enough disruption to change user behavior and drive business productivity without alienating the very users we're trying to engage.

Yes, some of our advanced users can make use of a wide array of Office 365 apps quickly and with relatively little discomfort. But most of our users are disrupted by the rollout and onboarding process for new technologies.

This session explores the disruption-versus-value debate, outlining key criteria to consider as you shape (or re-shape) the course of your Office 365 implementation.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Both