BV201 - 5 steps to driving sustainable SharePoint and Office 365 adoption

Asif Rehmani 

Is SharePoint working for you or are you working for SharePoint? Why do many end users cringe when they hear the word 'SharePoint'? It's not because SharePoint is a bad platform (quite the contrary actually), it's because of their past experiences with SharePoint.

In this session, we will talk about the 5 things You can do to make your users fall in Love with SharePoint and drive end user adoption of the platform!
Come to this session and we'll tell you about how to excite, inspire and empower your users. We'll talk about the good as well as the bad practices. Most importantly, we'll talk about some of the proven ways in which you can make SharePoint work for You!

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

BV204 - The "disruption-vs.-value" debate: Defining the pace of your Office 365 implementation

Sarah Haase 

Office 365 provides a powerful productivity toolset that can transform your digital workplace. As Office 365 practitioners, we need to consider the speed with which we roll out collaboration capabilities to our organizations. But achieving business value and driving ROI (Return On Investment) with Office 365 requires user buy-in. The delicate balance of success hinges on generating enough disruption to change user behavior and drive business productivity without alienating the very users we're trying to engage.

Yes, some of our advanced users can make use of a wide array of Office 365 apps quickly and with relatively little discomfort. But most of our users are disrupted by the rollout and onboarding process for new technologies.

This session explores the disruption-versus-value debate, outlining key criteria to consider as you shape (or re-shape) the course of your Office 365 implementation.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Both

BV301 - 1000s of users and only 1 of me. How do I support my users effectively?

Asif Rehmani 

Are you thinking: "How do I support my end users And do my real job?". You are not alone! Most Office 365 and SharePoint admins have the same dilemma. Supporting end users, motivating them and helping them do their job is extremely important for end user adoption, but it can become a full time job for you if not planned properly. Don't worry, the solution to this dilemma does exist and has been used by companies successfully throughout the world.

Come to this session and learn strategies on how to mitigate end user support tasks reducing your support burden while increasing user adoption at the same time.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

BV302- What every business leader needs to know about Azure DevOps and Modern SharePoint development

Marky Roden , Christopher Johnson 

Why should you, "the business", care about the processes that IT uses to deliver "their" applications? Wouldn't you like to know the quality of your requirements, project status, code quality and failure rate and your overall schedule, all from your own personalized project dashboard? You can with Azure DevOps.

A business led; quality-focused development process is essential to maximizing an enterprise's ability to create cost effective, maintainable applications hosted on the Modern SharePoint platform.

In this presentation Mark will discuss and provide tools that you the business leader, can use to influence and oversee the quality process being utilized to build your Modern SharePoint applications.

Come and discover the customizable management capabilities your company probably already owns and the influence you should have over it. Learn the real questions you should be asking of your development team.

Level: All   -    Platform: Both