BI301 - Telling data stories with Power BI

Jason Himmelstein 

Struggling to make your data tell the story that you know is hiding in there? Sick of staring at static spreadsheets and wishing that there was a way to visualize things so that the data could speak for itself? Are you tired of doing the same analytical motions over & over again instead of being able to use a repeatable process that will give you time back to do your actual job?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Power BI where all of these things are achievable.

In this session you will learn powerful ways of making your data come to life using Power BI Desktop & the Power BI Service. Whether your data is stored in a Microsofty way in Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint Online lists, CSV files on some old file server or in 3rd party data sources like SalesForce, Oracle, or SAP you will learn to unlock the data within & bring to life the stories hidden in the data.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online