AZR101 - From SharePoint to Office 365 Development : The path to your new playground

Sébastien Levert 

The world around the Office Developer is changing. And for someone with a heavy SharePoint background, it can be somewhat scary to make the move to the cloud. But don't be scared, SharePoint Developer! Become an added-value Office Developer and contribute to maximize the productivity of your enterprise.

The technology space around Productivity has evolved and it has never been that exciting. Your step into the Mobile-First, Cloud-First world will be mindblowing and you will want to stick around for a very long time!

In this session, we will cover every aspect of the new Office 365 Developer paradigm and we will ensure that you can make yourself at home in such a new world. The technologies covered will span from being close to your existing stack (SharePoint Framework, JavaScript) to a set of technologies that are new and that will expand your possibilities (Office 365 Apps, Microsoft Graph, Azure, TypeScript)

This very session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :
• Understand your new role as an Office 365 Developer
• Have a complete overview of the technology stack you need to master in the cloud
• Change the way you will think for your next SharePoint & Office 365 project

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud