ADM203 - Office 365: Rolling out without getting rolled over

John Peluso 

As you’ve probably noticed, the pace of innovation in Office 365 is fast and furious. The fact that organizations are no longer responsible for updating their Office software is both a blessing and a curse. Changes to the applications users engage with every day can bring productivity and efficiency enhancements but without the ability to understand, plan for, and train on these updates, admins operations teams can be left with confused users, broken processes and a spike in helpdesk calls.

Microsoft has provided some functionality to manage this challenge but it’s crucial that organizations understand and leverage every available feature for mitigating risks that can be introduced by Office 365 updates.

Attendees will learn real-world best practices and Office 365 features like Release Preferences, Office update channels, and all of the release communication resources

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online